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For too long our District Council has been run by an undemocratic Cabinet making decisions behind closed doors

I will fight for REAL TRANSPARENCY on the District Council:

- No more closed door meetings and questionable decisions
- End the Cabinet system where a handful of Councillors make decisions for all
- Stop phoney tick-box consultations that endorse the will of the Cabinet
- Prevent secret deals, make contracts open for public inspection
- Limit the powers of Officers and Cabinet to ignore Scrutiny Panel votes
- Demand ALL Councillors adhere to the highest moral standards in all of their dealings, both Public AND Private


I will fight for immediate ACTION on CLIMATE CHANGE:

- Convene a Public Assembleyto agree the way to eliminate CO2 emissions by 2030
- Hold Councillors AND Officers to account for decisions that
impact the climate
- Rebuild the sense of Common Purpose within our community



A Safe and Trusted pair of hands


I work at Cambridgeshire County Council where I handle front line problems. My day job is listening and helping people in the community. This work has given me an excellent understanding of the inner workings of large councils and the problems that people face.I have a record of opposing short-sighted and unfair decisions and standing up for what is right for our community and our planet.



I sit alngside Councillors on the Cambridgeshire Local Government Pension Board, holding them to account to prevent dodgy, financially dangerous investments, including those in the fossil fuel industry. In my 8 years as a workplace steward, I have stood up against unfair redundancies and defended colleagues facing unjust disciplinary procedures.



Common-Sense Planning

Building without proper infrastructure is naive. Traffic is getting worse in St Ives as developers game the planning processs so that they get away without paying for infrastructure improvements, like schools or a new river crossing. Taxpayers get stuck with a large bill, while the big shot construction executives get a big bonus!


Commited to Building Community

Under Tory control the District Council has lost its way. They officially refer to us as 'Customers' - not Residents or Citizens. They dismiss our views and hide from public scrutiny. With your help, I will fight for a council where people matter and decisions reflect the Will of the Many. I want a community where people can make a difference on the big issues, where it feels safe to walk the streets after dark, where we all look after each other and where we have a vibrant High Street, which incentivises locally owned shops and businesses.

St Ives Labour Party

Promoted by Mick White of 11 Parkside, St Ives, PE27 5QJ, on behalf of the St Ives Labour Party of the same address.

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